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0111 NewsWatch102K News TV Station. website
02Channel 7Watch40K . website
03DMCWatch450K Dhammakaya Foundation media channel. website
04Faikham TVWatch185K Local TV from Bangkok. website
05Hit StationWatch273K Music TV channel. website
06MCOT 1Watch1000K General TV station. website
07MCOT 2Watch1000K General TV station. website
08MCOTNews 24Watch256K News TV channel. website
09MV1 TVWatch250K News & Entertainment Program. website
10MV2 TVWatch256K News & Entertainment Program. website
11MV3 TVWatch256K News & Entertainment Program. website
12Nation ChannelWatch512K National Thai News. At the website also Realplayerformat available. website
13NBTWatch153K News from the Government Public Relations Department (englishlanguage). website
14NBT evening newsWatch153K Recorded news from the Government PublicRelations Department. website
15TV9Watch256K Thai News Agency, with news, entertainment andsports. website
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