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01Faith VisionWatchUS based station that broadcasts church services, conferences, seminars, and other faith based events website
02God TVWatchreligious Christian channel that is devoted to spreading the sermons and scripture of the bible website
03Spirit Broadcasting NetworkWatchChristian Internet Television and Radio broadcasting system. With this ministry we are presenting Jesus to a spiritually vacant and corrupt world using high tech means. Jesus is the only answer. Nothing but the truth of salvation through Jesus will do. website
04EWTNWatchlive religious channel that focuses on Christianity and Judaism website
05GLC TVWatchreligious channel that focuses on Judaism and Christian based programming. website
06VoiceofGodWatcha Christian channel website
07The StreamWatchlive channel that is devoted to playing various programmes related to religion and Christianity
08WACX-TVWatchlive religious Christian channel based in Orlando, Florida USA that broadcasts various Christian spirited original programs, along with local and national programming website
09Gospel TVWatchlive religious Christian channel that broadcasts in-house sermons website
10Maharishi TVWatcha religious channel that is devoted to the ancient Hindu Vedic teachings that encourages harmony and peace. Programming includes speeches and varied discussions on the meaning of life and existence website
11Smile of a Child TVWatchlive religious channel that is devoted to children's entertainment and preaching Christian Family values to its viewers website
12Miracle TVWatchan inter-faith Channel dedicated to broadcasting programs pertaining to all religious faiths website
13Aus Cristian ChannelWatchreligious channel website
14TBNWatchlive Christian based channel that broadcasts programming related to Christianity website
15Islam ChannelWatcha live English language UK based religious channel that includes programmes regarding current affairs, education, Islamic sermons, as well as domestic, documentary films, financial and community related programming website
16Calvary ChapelWatchlive religious channel dedicated to Christianity and features programmes that are religious in nature website
17GBN TVWatchGospel Broadcasting Network is a live Christian channel based in Tennessee, USA that is devoted to preaching sermons and promoting Christian oriented values. website
18Life TVWatchreligious channel based in Estonia that broadcasts sermons relating to Christianity website
19Scott TVWatchlive station that scientifically discusses religious mysteries, debates and solutions
20Aghapy TVWatchlive Coptic Christian channel based in Egypt, that broadcasts religious sermons and programming in Arabic website
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