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01DDHE ShopWatchTV shop
02Thane TVWatcha live shopping channel that plays non-stop infomericials of various Thane endorsed products ranging from cooking electronics to household utilities website
03Buy Costume TVWatcha live US shopping channel that is dedicated to the sale and showcasing of costume apparel and accessories website
04Ideal World TVWatchUK home shopping channel website
05Knife & Gun Shop TVWatcha a US based home shopping station that focuses on hunting accessories and items
06HSNWatchhome shopping network website
07Jewelry TelevisionWatchTV shop website
08Golf Shop TVWatchlive station that provides information about gold equipment, products and services
09Create and CraftWatch24/7 shopping website
10Speed Auction TVWatchshopping website
11Expo ChannelWatchone of Australia's leading Television Direct Marketing mediums website
12QVC UKWatcha live shopping network based in the UK that promotes and showcases various products that can be ordered and delivered straight to viewers homes website
13Shop TVWatchchannel dedicated to shopping, trade, business and advertisements and infomercials
14Ideal VitalityWatchshopping for your welbeing website
15Gems TVWatchgemset jewelery website
16Shop At HomeWatchTV shop website
17Price Drop TVWatchTV shop website
18QVCWatchhome shopping station that sells a variety of products to viewers website
19Shop TVAWatcha French Canadian home shopping channel based in Quebec that showcases various products including apparel and electronics that can be purchased from the comfort of your home.
20Shop TV CanadaWatchCanadian home shopping station that sells a variety of products to viewers website
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